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MIRRIS Webinar - How innovation systems can improve Participation to the ERA

The MIRRIS webinar titled "Fools make researches and wise men exploit them" (H. G. Wells). Discussing the success factors on how innovation systems can better address the Participation to the European Research Area was held by Andrea Di Anselmo, META Vice-President and MIRRIS Coordinator.
"By benchmarking against the international competitors, Europe, as a whole, needs to significantly advance in research and innovation performance in order to make the European Union the most dynamic and competitive knowledge-based economy, as the Europe 2020 Strategy strives for. There are countries lagging behind concerning the effectiveness of exploiting EU funded programmes in the field of R&D&I. The obstacles can be sought among local conditions, resources and assets faceting a specific system." Andrea Di Anselmo.

The full recording of the MIRRIS webinar is available online on the INSME website.

All INSMEAcademy webinars are held at lunch time and last 60 minutes including and offer a Q & A session. Participants had the possibility to take advantage of a free "Expert-talk" session with Andrea Di Anselmo, where they further discussed the topic, and tried to find solutions and share good practices.

INSMEAcademy webinars are open to everybody, upon registration. INSME full members participate free of charge. Since March 2013, the INSMEAcademy gathered around 700 key innovation stakeholders from 70 different countries.

Read the full abstract of the MIRRIS webinar: Discussing the success factors on how innovation systems can better address the Participation to the European Research Area.

MIRRIS (Mobilizing Institutional Reform for Research and Innovation Systems) is a Coordination and Support Action aiming at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of R&D&I performance in ERA and Framework Programmes of the EU12 and Croatia and activate initiatives to improve participation to Horizon 2020.

MIRRIS seeks to promote a high level of participation and funding within the European Research Area and Framework Programmes, by 1) understanding success factors 2) identifying key actions and 3) mobilizing key stakeholders for improving performance and better exploiting H2020 and synergies with structural funds. To achieve this goal MIRRIS will organize 3 rounds of policy dialogue in each target country, promote mutual learning and prepare a road map for implementation.
MIRRIS is funded under FP7 Social Sciences and Humanities programme and implemented by a consortium of 12 leading organizations in the field of research and innovation.
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The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under agreement n°320209