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PRESS RELEASE - 1st Policy Dialogue of MIRRIS in Lithuania

Vilnius - May 30, 2014
The participation of Lithuania to FP7 has been discussed today within the framework of MIRRIS (Mobilizing Institutional Reform for Research and Innovation Systems) in Vilnius. The dialogue in Lithuania was the 8th in series of successfully conducted policy dialogues on the above noted topic. The hosting organization of MIRRIS was the Research Council of Lithuania, who together with MIRRIS Consortium Partners enabled interactive discussion with key Lithuanian stakeholders.

The success rate of Lithuania in applying for FP7 is better than EU 13 average (LT 20.1% vs EU13 18.4) and just slightly below EU 28 average (21.7%).

The gain per head of population is 24 €, which is significantly above the EU 13 average, which is 13.50€, but still far from EU 27 standing at €58.04. The average number of € per beneficiary in Lithuania is lower than the EU 13 average (137 k vs 167), and still far from EU27 average (324k).

While Lithuania’s participation in the European Research Area is relatively weak, its most prominent thematic areas of participation include: “Food, Agriculture, Fish, and Biotechnology” (22); “ICT” (16 participations); and “Health” (16) (EURADA, 2014).

Raising awareness of importance aiming at excellence among researches, which FP7 and H2020 represent, shall be considered for the purpose of highlighting its added value as well as for the motivation purposes. The lack of coordination with other international partners and low motivation in expressing interest for joining different consortiums is another bottleneck that shall be overcome.
MIRRIS is a support action funded under FP7 Social Sciences and Humanities programme.

MIRRIS (Mobilizing Institutional Reform for Research and Innovation Systems) is a Coordination and Support Action aiming at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of R&I performance in ERA and Framework Programmes of the EU12 and Croatia and to propose new initiatives to improve participation to Horizon 2020.
MIRRIS seeks to promote a high level of participation and funding within the European Research Area and Framework Programmes, by 1) understanding success factors 2) identifying key actions and 3) mobilizing key stakeholders for improving performance and better exploiting H2020 and synergies with structural funds. To achieve this goal MIRRIS will organize 3 rounds of policy dialogue in each target country, promote mutual learning and prepare a road map for implementation.
MIRRIS is funded under FP7 Social Sciences and Humanities programme and implemented by a consortium of 12 leading organizations in the field of research and innovation. 
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The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under agreement n°320209