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PRESS RELEASE - 2nd Policy Dialogue in Cyprus

The 2nd MIRRIS Policy dialogue in Cyprus took place in Nicosia on February 11, 2015.
The dialogue was hosted by the Directorate General for European Programmes, Coordination and Development (DGEPCD) and was moderated by the MIRRIS Consortium Partners, META and INSME. During the event, the best practices addressing the participation to the EU programmes were presented on behalf of the European Research and Innovation Office (ERIO) of the University College London, by the Head of the Office, Mr. Michael Browne.
During the dialogue, with 22 Cypriot stakeholders from the Research organisation, Ministries and National Agencies present, META and INSME presented the key findings of the 1st MIRRIS policy dialogue that was held in Nicosia on 25 April 2014, including the gap and SWOT analysis addressing the factors having an impact on the Cyprot participation to the EU programmes, that was approved by the present stakeholders. During the dialogue, national stakeholders reflected on their own institutional concerns and institutional strategies in order to improve the participation in HORIZON 2020. MIRRIS was found a good tool to identify priorities and support the preparation of a roadmap to activate changes.
In order to support and motivate the discussion, MIRRIS brought the above noted expert from ERIO to join the dialogue and share the best  practices on behalf on the organisation as well as to provide further recommendations based on their experience. Mr. Browne presented the history of ERIO and how the project office was created at the UCL, including the challenges they were facing along the way when advocating the importance and the benefits of the participation to the ERA. Mr. Browne pointed out the importance of the services provided for the support of researchers, in particular those that are interested in undertaking a role of the project leaders.
After the 2nd Policy dialogue, MIRRIS will work alongside with Cypriot stakeholders to prepare the 3rd dialogue, scheduled for this autumn. The objective of the 3rd cycle will be to translate the intervention measures discussed in February into priorities and a roadmap for implementation that will be delivered by the MIRRIS consortium in cooperation with the DGEPCD.
About MIRRIS Host Organisation
The Directorate General for European Programmes, Coordination and Development (DGEPCD) of Cyprus is responsible for handling issues related to the European Funds and Programmes, such as the ESIF and the EU Competitive Programmes, including Horizon 2020. The DGEPCD is also responsible of the development and horizontal issues, such as Research, Technological Development and Innovation, Lifelong Learning, Corporate Social Responsibility and the "Europe 2020" Strategy.

MIRRIS (Mobilizing Institutional Reform for Research and Innovation Systems) is a Coordination and Support Action  aiming at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of R&I performance in ERA and Framework Programmes of the EU12 and Croatia and activate initiatives to improve participation to Horizon 2020.
MIRRIS seeks to promote a more effective participation to the European Research Area and Framework Programmes, by 1) understanding success factors 2) identifying key actions and 3) mobilizing stakeholders for improving performance and better exploiting H2020 and synergies with ESIF. To achieve this goal MIRRIS will organize 3 rounds of policy dialogue in each target country, promote mutual learning and prepare a road map for implementation.

About META – MIRRIS Project Coordinator

META is an international company fostering knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship at macro & micro scale. META Group addresses policy decision makers committed to improve regional competitiveness; entrepreneurs keen to start up or further develop a venture; researchers, willing to set up their own company.

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under agreement n°320209