Newsletter Issue n°12 - June here

    • MIRRIS Final Conference, Brussels, 26 May 2016
    • Interview with Andrea Di Anselmo on behalf of META, MIRRIS coordinator

Newsletter Issue n°11 - March 2016 here
    • MIRRIS final conference
    • the EU13 are performing in terms of EU research funding acquisition under H2020 compared with FP7
    • MIRRIS stakeholders​

Newsletter Issue n°10 - December here

    • Comparison of participation of EU 13 in H2020
    • Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation
    • Ex post evaluation of the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) for Research

Newsletter Issue n°9 - September here

    • Build your network in Brussels: how participation to Brussels-based networks can increase your chances of success
    • From FP7 to Horizon 2020: first observations
    • How to successfully enter the European Research Area? A webinar to discuss success factors
    • Traditional vs Disruptive ecosystems: which is the recipe for the 21st century?

Newsletter Issue n°8 - July here

    • Roadmapping – Challenges and actions to exploit EU 13 potential
    • Poland opens the third cycle of Policy Dialogues: which are its challenges?
    • MIRRIS Scoping Paper Updates – Importance of EU associations and networks

Newsletter Issue n°7 - March here

    • MIRRIS Policy Dialogues continue: the 2nd Cycle
    • Who is bringing money home? Countries’ dependency rate on their main beneficiaries

Newsletter Issue n°6 - December here

    • MIRRIS publishes its mid-term results on New Member States gap in accessing EU R&I funds
    • MIRRIS Policy Dialogues, Round 1: what we achieved

Newsletter Issue n°5 - October 2014 here

    • MIRRIS presents its preliminary findings

Newsletter Issue n°4 - June here

    • Interview with JRC-IPTS, managing team of S2E, Mathieu Doussineau and Andrea Conte
    • Policy brief - widening participation by Klaus Schuch
    • Results of the project Net4Society​

Newsletter Issue n°3 - March here

    • Interview with Klaus Schuch
    • An article by Michael Galsworthy
    • Calendar of Mirris Events

Newsletter Issue n°2 - December here

    • Country reports: the input papers for the first round of policy dialogue
    • 8 steps for a successful Policy Dialogue​

Newsletter Issue n°1 - September here
    • Interview with Andrea Di Anselmo
    • Framework conditions for R&D&I in the EU13: the current situation
    • Events