Good Practies

As a consecutive step, and in order to provide countries with adaptable and transferable solutions, MIRRIS Consortium collected a set of 26 European good practices and case studies, selected among a number of support measures successfully implemented in different countries and directly connected to an increase in participation to EU R&D Programmes. These practices have been collected taking into consideration different governance levels and the main GAPs found in the countries during the first round of the policy dialogues. 5 out of these 26 practices have been used to feed the 2nd cycle of MIRRIS policy dialogues, namely inviting its implementer to directly present them during the dialogue meetings. The selected practices that have been presented on behalf of KU Leuven from Belgium, Josef Štefan Institute from Slovenia, Agency for promotion of the European research (APRE), Italy, ERIO office from the University College of London, UK and OPERA (Alliance of 4 Spanish Universities from Spain) representative office in Belgium made the clear statement about the added value of participation to the EU R&D Programmes, building of partnership and striving towards the international dimension. The importance of the strategic vision complemented with the proper allocation of resources and support measures having been highlighted as the key for success. The group of national stakeholders of the EU 13 that participated in the 2nd MIRRIS Policy dialogue found the presented practices motivational and inspirational, which made effectiveness of MIRRIS methodology evident. The rest of the practices collected that are featured in this section are equally inspiring and shall serve as motivation to the respective viewers in designing of the measures, activity planning or other. Moreover, some of the above noted good practices have been presented to provide an overview of the structure and the needed tools for the measures to be replicated. All the practices have been targeting supporting measures pursuant to the MIRRIS Decision Tree for Participating in H2020.

Experiences_and_tools_ARPA.pdfExperiences_and_tools_ARPA286 KB
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Experiences_and_Tools_CEEEI_Asturias.pdfExperiences_and_Tools_CEEEI_Asturias839 KB
Experiences_and_Tools_Coaching_and_Mentoring_of_SMEs.pdfExperiences_and_Tools_Coaching_and_Mentoring_of_SMEs297 KB
Experiences_and_tools_era_gv_at.pdfExperiences_and_tools_era_gv_at286 KB
Experiences_and_tools_ERIO-UCL.pdfExperiences_and_tools_ERIO-UCL283 KB
Experiences_and_tools_GIURI.pdfExperiences_and_tools_GIURI283 KB
Experiences_and_Tools_Grants _for_SMEs.pdfExperiences_and_Tools_Grants _for_SMEs306 KB
Experiences_and_Tools_Innocorporate_Europa_RDA_Murcia.pdfExperiences_and_Tools_Innocorporate_Europa_RDA_Murcia588 KB
Experiences_and_Tools_ISST.pdfExperiences_and_Tools_ISST295 KB
Experiences_and_tools_KULeuven.pdfExperiences_and_tools_KULeuven343 KB
Experiences_and_tools_NCP_organization_APRE.pdfExperiences_and_tools_NCP_organization_APRE196 KB
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